Wyatt & Jack // Inflatable Amnesty

 I've *nearly* come to terms now, with the fact that I've become known locally as 'bag lady'- obviously my family think thats hilarious!

People leave their old windbreaks, trampolines, rubber dinghies and all sorts of other beach paraphernalia, outside our workshop all the time!

After this years disastrous attempt at having our own paddling pool in the garden [our cat pierced the sides of it, within 2 weeks!!] it reminded me of an idea i had a couple of years ago, but haven't had a chance to put into practice...

The Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty, is based on the same idea, that lots of beach goers, would be ending up throwing quite a few broken inflatables and water toys, into bins either before the end of their holidays, or on their way home...


So... THIS YEAR, If you have an inflatable that has a puncture that you can't repair, or is intended for the bin- send it our way and we will turn it into bags !

Like this pizza print lilo and blue rubber dinghy that were left on our workshop doorstep earlier this week...

Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty send us  your broken beach toys don't send them to landfill sustainable brand

Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty Send Us your broken inflatables 2018

We will either collect it up from you using a courier service, or, [if its a smaller item], stick it in the post and we will refund your postage...

wyatt & jack inflatable amnesty send us your old inflatables and save from landfill

[above pic: rescue dinghy sent from Glasgow, soon to be transformed.. see our Instagram to follow its journey #frombeachtobag 

PLUS, you can follow its journey from being your item, to beginning its new life as a bag!

Send your items to us at :

Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty

Unit 7, Weavers Yard,

Lane End,

Bembridge. IOW

PO35 5US

If you have a coastal business, cafe, beach shop and you would like to get involved in collecting up items, please email us at hello@wyattandjack.com

follow the movement #inflatableamnesty

See the collection of Inflatable Amnesty Bags as it grows... here 

We are currently running this project on Crowdfunder, to help us deal with the ENORMOUS logistics...

See the whole thing here





Hannah Carter

Hi, we are on holiday in France and have found a few small inflatables that are in the holiday house we are staying that have come to the end of their life. ( a pink flamingo, a lilo and a ring ) We are travelling back on the train so will be hard to carry back to the UK for posting to you. Do you accept post from France? I have no idea how much it might cost to post these items.
Many thanks
Hannah Carter



Is the amnesty still running? I have a paddling pool I’d like to send in for recycling.

Think what you’re doing is great – such a worthwhile scheme. Thanks.

Kelly White

Hi there
I’ve got an Ikea Jall plastic material from a washing basket. I know it’s not an inflatable but wondered if it would be any good for you guys? I think what you do is ace!
Kelly x


Hi Neil!
Yep- thats great! Thanks for being involved!! would you be able to e; inflatableamnesty@wyattandjack.com and we can sort out collection for you?
THANKS for being involved! x


I live in Surrey and have rescued from a friend for recycling a medium size paddling pool which has unfortunately split on one seam. I reckon I can squeeze it into a large paper posting sack to post to you. Is this ok or would you prefer pick up by your couriers?

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